The Secrets of Little Saints

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What happens when a group of 10-year-old boys try to have as much fun as they can get away with given the strict confines of a Catholic school in the fifties?

They form a club, of course.Three members make up the original “Beboli Boys”. Over the next four years the organization grows to over a hundred members, including originally forbidden Beboli Girls. In his new book, Jimmy Mahoney recalls in vivid detail how his group of Beboli Boys pulled altar boy and classroom pranks and devised money-making schemes that somehow were always more funny than harmful. Mahoney’s writing reminds us of a time when children had both more freedom and responsibility and his stories celebrate the unabashed, humorous cleverness of youth.

The Secrets of Little Saints is available in print from Createspace, and in print and on Kindle from Amazon.

The Secrets of Little Saints will also be available in other ebook formats in late summer.

Jimmy was a featured author at The Virginia Festival of the Book in March. See video clips on our news page.

6 thoughts on “The Secrets of Little Saints

  1. Jimmy, I absolutely loved it. It brought back so many memories of long forgotten names.
    Congrats to you and Ann
    Cousin Mary

  2. JImmy and I shared like wonderful memories. We were both in the same 8th grade class at Sacred Heart and graduated from the same Catholic High School – Cardinal Hayes. More than anything we share wonderful experiences of being Catholic altar boys. For those of you who lacked an understanding of what is was to be an altar boy, Jimmy’s book is a must read.

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